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Union County and Millcreek Township are pleased to announce they are cooperatively implementing an emergency notification system called CodeRED®.

CLICK HERE to enroll.
An extremely high-speed system, CodeRED® is used to launch outbound phone calls to home, business and cell numbers. It's an easy way to quickly call everyone within our community (or a specific geographically mapped portion of our community), for evacuation notices, search and rescues, boil water alerts, man-made or environmental disasters, utility notifications, etc. CodeRED® is capable of delivering thousands of messages an hour.

CodeRED® primary uses include, but are not limited to:

Missing Children/Elderly Bulletings
Brush/Wild Fires
Flood Disasters
Gas Leaks
Hazardous Transportation Accidents
Train Derailments
Hazardous Chemical Situations
Toxic Plumes
Shelter-In-Place Issuance
Non-Emergency Notifications (Parades, Civic Events, Road Construction-expected delays, etc.)
Possible Major Weather Disasters (pre and post storm notification)
Major Power/Utility Interruptions (planned outages, tree trimming notices, etc.)
Water Main Repair or Low Water Pressure Notices and Boil Water Alerts
Delayed Trash Pick-up (holidays, debris after storms, etc.)
Public Health Warnings
Communications with City/County Staff, City Council/Mayor/County Commission, City/County Constituents
Communication with Local, Regional, Statewide and Nationwide First Responders
Armed Robbery Alert (ex. Automatically contact every convenience store, drug store, bank, etc.)
School Closings: Emergency Mid-day ONLY (contact parents cell/work phones)
Neighborhood Crime Watch Notifications/Information

CodeRED® technology immediately recognizes a live human voice. As soon as a person begins to say "Hello" into the phone, CodeRED® is already delivering the message. If a citizen has an answering machine or voicemail, CodeRED® knows that the person saying "Hello" is NOT a live voice. The system will not deliver the message until the voicemail or answering device beeps, tones, or chimes. This insures citizens hear the entire message. CodeRED® also provides a detailed audit trail following a message launch so City/County officials can see who did/didn't receive the call and how the message was delivered (person, answering machine, non-connect, etc.).

The County want to reach everyone affected by an emergency whether or not they have signed up for CodeRED®.

Residents on Union County are encouraged to sign up individually for this service. This affords the database to have the most current and accurate information possible. The quickest and easiest way to sign up is to use the link at the top of this page. Using this link will immediately update our CodeRED® telephone number database. Forms are also available at any County office. You can also call the Union County Sheriff's Office at 645-4110 and a member of the staff will assist you.
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