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There are two public cemeteries in Millcreek Township: the Watkins Cemetery and the Bouic Cemetery. The Watkins Cemetery is active and lots are available for sale, while the Bouic Cemetery has been closed since 1924.

The Watkins Cemetery is located on Cemetery Road, just off of Watkins-California Road approximately 3/10 of a mile south of Watkins Road and was first used in 1817. The cemetery is maintained by the Township and many of the older monuments have been repaired and straightened in recent years.

According to The History of Union County, Ohio the first burial occurred here in 1817 with the death of a child of Ephraim Burroughs followed by Sarah, a daughter of Pierce Lamphere. No monuments for either of these individuals are found in the cemetery today. The earliest death date found on any remaining monuments is 1829.

As of 11 July 2017
Township Resident:   $250
Non-Resident, but owns land in the Township:   $750
Non-Resident:   $2,000

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The Bouic Cemetery is located on the east side of State Road approximately 2/10th of a mile north of Long Road. The cemetery has sometimes been referred to as the Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery. The cemetery was first used in 1860 and closed in 1924. The cemetery is maintained by the Township.

According to The History of Union County, Ohio, the land was originally donated by John H.P. Bouic, an early settler in the area.
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